Father John

Archpriest John Muster reposed in the Lord, 4th February 2023.

Father John Musther

Father John was the founder (with his wife Jenny) of the parish. Before the couple moved here from Brighton, Bishop Basil of Amphipolis ordained Fr John as a deacon. On arriving here in Keswick Fr John found a large number of expatriot Cypriot orthodox, and began to collect a community, others joined in, and soon there was a nucleus of a new parish. Bishop Basil visited in 2008 and ordained Fr John as priest to serve the whole of Cumbria.

Follow this link for the Video of Fr John's Funeral.


Under Father John’s leadership the parish has grown to it’s present vibrant state.

We were visited by the Late Achbishop Gabriel of Comana, then our diocesan bishop, in May 2012.

Father John was the author of a book: The Living Tradition of the Saints and the Significance of their Teaching for us, which represents 40 years of study and prayer with the Saints. A distillation of this work is to be found elsewhere on this website.

One of our parishioners uploaded videos of Fr John’s sermons to YouTube

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