Braithwaite Chapel

Braithwaite – The Orthodox Church

The Chapel at Braithwaite

Due to the wonderful friendship between the Churches in Keswick, and the generosity of the Methodist Church there, we had the use of the Old Methodist Chapel in the nearby village of Braithwaite ( 2 miles from Keswick to the west along the A66) for many years.  In 2017 we completed the purchase of the property, and it is now the Orthodox Church, owned by the Trustees of the Orthodox Parish of St Bega, St Mungo, and St Herbert.

This is where we hold the majority of the services where we expect a congregation of significant size. There is also a refectory and some basic accomodation.

On Sunday there is usually someone to open the Church around 9am, and on Saturday evenings at 5:45pm. If you need access at any other times, please contact Presb Jenny-Bega or SbDcn Richard (see contacts page).

Please Note

It is extremely important, to maintain good relations with our neighbours in Braithwaite, that car parking is done sensitively. PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON THE GRASS VERGES. There is limited, first come – first served, free parking to the left of the chapel, more parking up the unmetalled road past the church by the pool (see below), and even more parking in the village five minutes walk away. We do not have any rights over the land about us, and remember that this is a walk-recreation area, walkers need to park and often get up earlier than Christians!

Use the google map to find your way.


A hundred yards to the west of the chapel there is a large pool formed in a bend of the Coledale Beck. Here, if the weather is kind, we celebrate the Feast of the Theophany, and perform adult baptism.

Some more pictures of the inside:


The Altar, set for the Liturgy.  This is the current decor, before the redecoration it looked like this:

Another view of the Altar, set for the Liturgy, Sunday of Orthodoxy, 2014.

The north wall of the chapel showing Icons.

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